Parking Structure Components

Innovative, Design-Focused Prestressed Concrete Parking Structure Solutions

Modern parking structures are demanding greater durability, value, and visual impact, with more preconstruction services than ever before. Precast concrete delivers and proves to be the leading material choice among construction professionals. It is trusted for its lasting performance and limitless versatility.

County Prestress manufactures high-performing precast concrete double tees, precast columns and beams, spandrels, shear walls, insulated sandwich walls, and hollowcore for design-focused parking structures. We produce our precast, prestressed components to be longer and wider than the industry average – our precast concrete double tees are up to 15’ wide. Precast concrete is resistant to weather, blasts, and rot and has fire ratings up to three hours. Our continued commitment to advancing this material helps you to expand your parking structure possibilities.

Our parking structure components are manufactured to:

  • Meet project specifications and applicable building codes
  • Support high load capacities
  • Create long, open parking bays Increase design flexibility
  • Lower life cycle costs
  • Resist natural and manmade elements
  • Minimize site disturbance
  • Shorten construction schedules