Insulated Sandwich Walls Offer Energy Efficient Benefits
April 12, 2022

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Insulated Sandwich Walls Offer Energy Efficient Benefits

County Prestress’ Insulated Sandwich Walls are a reliable building envelope that provides energy savings. Insulation levels, R-value, and thermal mass are components of an energy-efficient building envelope. 

Insulated sandwich walls are comprised of two concrete panels that enclose a layer of insulation. The panels’ prestressed fabrication resists mold, insects, and forklift damage. Wall panels also provide optimal thermal protection as their insulation does not settle during or after construction. Insulated sandwich walls achieve specified R-values, the amount of which insulation can prevent heat flow into the building. The R-value can be adjusted to contribute to energy cost savings, depending upon the climate and weather of a location. 

The thermal mass of a concrete structure allows for a large amount of heat to be absorbed without a significant change in the interior temperature. During the day, heat is stored in the building’s surface concrete, and at night, heat is released back into the atmosphere. Thermal mass also reduces indoor temperature fluctuations. Smaller heating and cooling equipment can maintain the temperature within a building, using less energy than alternative equipment systems and lowering operating costs. 

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The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute offers valuable technical resources for designers and engineers in their Designer’s Notebook series. Refer to their publication “High Performance Precast Insulated Sandwich Wall Panels” to learn more.