Insulated Sandwich Walls: Life Safety and Environmental Conditions
January 5, 2022

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Insulated Sandwich Walls: Life Safety and Environmental Conditions

Each year, communities are affected by natural disasters and catastrophic events and depend on reliable building materials to withstand damage and provide safety. 

Prestressed concrete is a high-performance building material that offers unmatched durability throughout its extended service life. Insulated sandwich walls are specified for their resilient fabrication and accelerated installation. The wall panels can resist damage from natural and manmade elements, including flying debris and blasts. Structures built using precast, prestressed concrete are utilized for shelter during natural disasters.

Fire resistance is an essential component in building design. Prestressed wall panels have fire ratings up to three hours. Enclosed in concrete, the panels’ insulation does not contribute to the fire load and reduces the danger of toxic fumes that are caused by burning cellular plastics. Insulated sandwich walls offer significant cost savings, as additional fireproofing measures are not required. 

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The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute offers valuable technical resources in their Designer’s Notebook series for designers and engineers. Refer to their publication “High Performance Precast Insulated Sandwich Wall Panels” to learn more