Insulated Sandwich Walls Have Built-In Energy Efficiency
April 27, 2023

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Insulated Sandwich Walls Have Built-In Energy Efficiency

Insulated sandwich walls have a reputation as an energy efficient and economical solution for large-scale buildings. As the key components in a structural, load bearing building envelope system, they’re ideal for projects like warehouses, manufacturing facilities, business park buildings, and more.

Each panel contains a layer of high-rated insulation sandwiched between two layers of prestressed concrete. As a result, it provides outstanding energy efficiency, as demonstrated by the steady state R-values of the insulated sandwich walls manufactured by County Prestress.

The Efficiency of Concrete

Concrete has the capacity to absorb large quantities of heat, which minimizes interior temperature fluctuations. During hot summer days, insulated sandwich walls absorb heat, preventing it from entering the facility. Then, at night, the concrete releases the heat into the exterior atmosphere.

This reduces the amount of energy needed to maintain comfortable interior temperatures. Not only does that lower operational costs; it reduces the level of HVAC capacity that the facility needs, which lowers capital expenses, as well.

Additional Savings from Insulation

By combining the heat absorption benefits of the concrete with the layer of insulation in between, County Prestress’ Insulated Sandwich Walls reduce heat transfer even further. This increases the thermal performance of the facility, significantly reducing energy usage. In fact, adding insulation to concrete can increase the R-value of the materials.

Engineered Energy Reduction

County Prestress can also engineer insulated sandwich wall panels to provide additional energy savings. They can be manufactured with window recesses of various depths to maximize daylight, which can drastically reduce the energy needed to power electrical lighting.

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