Insulated Sandwich Walls Accelerate Construction of Large-Scale Manufacturing Facility
April 25, 2023

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Insulated Sandwich Walls Accelerate Construction of Large-Scale Manufacturing Facility

Economic growth in the Northern Illinois region led developers of the Clarius Park Joliet industrial park to build a facility that would offer nearly a million square feet of industrial space to a potential tenant.

Bringing the building to the market quickly was a high priority because of the urgent demand for manufacturing and warehouse space in the region. Project leaders sought building materials that would support their accelerated construction timeline and require low maintenance.

Insulated Sandwich Walls (ISWs) manufactured by County Prestress proved ideal for this project. ISWs are an efficient, economical material choice suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial projects that demand installation efficiency and lasting performance. In addition, County Prestress’ PCI-certified production facilities are equipped to produce higher volumes of product with shorter lead times.

The accelerated construction schedule helped the building owners secure a tenant before the building was completed. Lion Electric Auto, a manufacturer of zero-emission vehicles, leased the building to use as a manufacturing facility.

Insulated sandwich walls provide many advantages for heavy industrial users. With resilient strength and unmatched durability, ISWs resist fire, wind, and forklift damage. Their low life cycle cost and inherent thermal properties can help lower building operating costs. A wide variety of widths, lengths, and finish options provide limitless design flexibility.

County Prestress manufactured and delivered 364 prestressed wall panels and coordinated closely with the general contractor and erector to complete the building envelope in just over a month.

Use County Prestress’ Insulated Sandwich Walls for your next project by contacting our Customer Service Team at (708) 562-7700. View more photos of Clarius Park Joliet Building 2.