Hollowcore Supports Affordable Housing Solutions
December 6, 2022

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Hollowcore Supports Affordable Housing Solutions

As demand for affordable housing in the U.S. continues to grow, prestressed hollowcore plank can be a cost-effective solution. Hollowcore has a low life-cycle cost, and its high-performance strength maximizes functional space. Hollowcore plank provides additional benefits of low sound transmission and high fire ratings. 

Benefits of construction with Hollowcore

Building owners gain maximum usable space

Hollowcore can support high load capacities across long, open spans, eliminating the need for extra load-bearing columns.  The prestressed concrete plank conceals wiring and HVAC within its core to maximize usable space and reduce building heights. 

Contractors gain control of construction scheduling

Hollowcore arrives ready to install in any weather conditions. Once in place, the planks provide a stable work deck, and other trades can come in and complete their part of the project, reducing construction times which helps to lower overall construction costs.

Designers gain design flexibility

Hollowcore planks offer unmatched design flexibility for affordable housing initiatives. This product is versatile enough to accommodate unique curves, angles, and tight construction sites. Planks can be manufactured to specified lengths and depths for each project. Planks are manufactured in depths of 8”, 10”, 12”, and 16”. The 16” plank allows spans up to 44’ to create large, unobstructed spaces advantageous for single and multifamily housing, underground parking structures, and entertainment rooms.

Residents gain safe and affordable housing

Fire-resistant hollowcore concrete resists mold and pests. Hollowcore planks can withstand extreme weather events, and the product’s thermal mass effect can significantly reduce the energy needed for heating and cooling to help keep utility costs low.

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