Holistic and Integrated Design Considerations Offer Sustainable Benefits
December 2, 2021

Categories | Hollowcore, Insulated Sandwich Walls, Parking Structure Components

Holistic and Integrated Design Considerations Offer Sustainable Benefits

Sustainability in communities begins with holistic and integrated design, requiring coordination between architectural, structural, and mechanical designs early in the schematic design phase. 

Implementing integration strategies within design can contribute to significant sustainability benefits. A well-insulated building with a few windows that face east and west will require less heating and cooling, therefore impacting the mechanical design by requiring fewer ducts and registers. 

The eight elements of integrated design include: 

  • Emphasize the integrated process 
  • Consider the building as a whole 
  • Focus on the life cycle of the structure 
  • Have design disciplines work together as a team from the start 
  • Conduct relevant assets to help you determine requirements and set goals
  • Develop tailored solutions that yield multiple benefits 
  • Evaluate solutions 
  • Ensure that requirements and goals are met

Holistic and integrated design requires enhanced communication and coordination but offers substantial benefits throughout a building’s life cycle

The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute offers valuable technical resources in their Designer’s Notebook series for designers and engineers. Refer to their publication “Sustainabilityto learn more.