County Prestress’ Hollowcore Overcomes Urban Construction Site Challenges
November 2, 2022

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County Prestress’ Hollowcore Overcomes Urban Construction Site Challenges

Hollowcore provides many advantages for projects in densely populated urban areas. With high load capacities over long spans, hollowcore can be used to form open, column-free spaces, ideal for underground parking garages.

HVAC and wiring can be concealed inside the cores of hollowcore planks to maximize usable vertical space. Additionally, hollowcore is manufactured to specifications offsite, which can reduce project timelines and overall cost because the site can be prepared while the components are in production. 

Because of these advantages, hollowcore is often specified for projects with tight construction sites surrounded by existing structures, requiring careful coordination of material deliveries. County Prestress’ talented truck drivers have extensive experience overcoming staging challenges. 

For example, a Minnesota-based hospital specified hollowcore for a pedestrian bridge between a parking ramp and an existing hospital building with a glass facade. The worksite was only 30 feet deep, allowing crews minimal space for crane maneuvering and hollowcore installation. The crew’s experience and skill, as well as County Prestress’ precise plank sizing, ensured a successful installation. 

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