Championing Youth Mentoring and Academic Success
January 24, 2023

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Championing Youth Mentoring and Academic Success

County Prestress partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters to support youth mentoring and skills building. Youth mentoring has significant benefit in providing support and maintaining balance for youth to navigate their lives moving forward.

The organization creates one-on-one mentoring relationships between children “Littles” and adult volunteers “Bigs” to ignite the power and promise of youth. The mentorship program instills confidence, helps children earn better grades, and develop lifelong friendships.

The mentoring program provides families with relief services within their local communities, such as internet access to assist youth with online schoolwork and adults who work remotely to provide for their families.

Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program has impacts on youth that are immeasurable. Within the time frame of five years, Big Brother Willie helped Little Brother Nigel succeed in school, explore new interests, and build confidence. “Willie has impacted my life by giving me a positive male role model who looks like me, encourages me, and strengthens me daily,” Nigel said regarding his experience.

Through the Sonnentag American Foundation, County Prestress supports dozens of worthy organizations and causes in four key service areas, including Hunger & Homelessness Support, Service Member & Veteran Support, Sexual Abuse & Domestic Assault Services, and Mentoring & Skills Building.