Prestressed Concrete Maximizes Time and Cost Savings for Warehouse Construction
May 15, 2023

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Prestressed Concrete Maximizes Time and Cost Savings for Warehouse Construction

When weather delayed the construction of DRG Avon Buildings A and B, project leaders recovered lost time with prestressed concrete wall panels.

Insulated sandwich walls manufactured by County Prestress were specified for this time-sensitive warehouse project for their low life cycle cost and installation efficiency.

Insulated sandwich walls offer many advantages for large-scale distribution facilities with tight construction deadlines. ISWs are energy efficient, weather resistant, and do not require additional maintenance to prolong their service life. The high-performance panels are manufactured to specification in our PCI-certified production facilities, offering short lead-times and a simple installation process that minimizes site disturbance.

Made from two concrete panels that enclose a layer of insulation, ISWs achieve high thermal ratings without needing additional insulation or weatherproofing after installation. These enhanced thermal properties offer significant energy savings throughout the extended service life of buildings constructed with ISWs. Additionally, the inherent strength and durability of prestressed concrete resists fire, wind, and forklift damage.

County Prestress manufactured and delivered 258,000 square feet of wall panels, coordinating closely with the general contractor and erector to keep the project on schedule despite challenging conditions.

Use County Prestress’ Insulated Sandwich Walls for your next project by contacting our Customer Service Team at (708) 562-7700. View more photos of DRG Avon Buildings A and B.

Additional Information

Location: Avon, Indiana
Contractor: ARCO Murray
Architect: GMA Architects
Erector: Creative Erectors
Product: Insulated Sandwich Walls