Achieve High-Performance Strength and Cost Savings with  County Prestress’ Insulated Sandwich Walls
May 12, 2022

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Achieve High-Performance Strength and Cost Savings with County Prestress’ Insulated Sandwich Walls

Insulated sandwich walls are a structural, loadbearing, insulated prestressed building envelope that is predominantly used in large-scale commercial and industrial warehouse applications. ISWs are an efficient, cost-effective material choice for various climates and expansive projects that require speed and ease of installation, lasting performance, and low life cycle cost. 

Building owners can feel confident in their investment using ISWs. Prestressed wall panels are designed to simultaneously transfer load and insulate. They are made of two concrete wall layers that are separated by a layer of rigid foam insulation. The concrete layers provide long-term durability on the interior and exterior of buildings that resist forklift damage, theft, and vandalism, while the middle insulation layer lowers heating and cooling costs and enhances energy efficiency with specified R-values. 

County Prestress’ Insulated Sandwich Walls are manufactured to meet individual project specifications and required building codes. This process increases design flexibility and accelerates construction, as panels arrive ready for installation. Wall panels are an ideal solution for warehouses, industrial facilities, educational buildings, medical centers, commercial properties, and even low-temperature environments and controlled atmospheres.

High-performance buildings offer a greater return on investment through construction cost savings, lower life cycle costs, reduced peak energy loads, improved functionality, and enhanced visual impact. Insulated sandwich walls manufactured by County Prestress attribute to all these factors and more with our hands-on customer service approach. 

At County Prestress, we work closely with engineers and the design team from start to finish to ensure casting, transportation, and installation are completed with unmatched professionalism and speed. Before casting begins, we review drawings and blueprints with you and offer cost savings and performance enhancement suggestions. We also develop erecting schedules and handle sequencing and finishing. Throughout the process, we keep you informed and work with you to complete the job on time. 

Use County Prestress’ Insulated Sandwich Walls for your next project by contacting our Customer Service Team at (708) 562-7700.