Precast Elevator and Stair Shafts Accelerate Construction Schedules
June 7, 2023

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Precast Elevator and Stair Shafts Accelerate Construction Schedules

A construction project’s adherence to a schedule is key to its success. Meeting deadlines throughout the process ensures a project is completed by its scheduled finish date. Delays in production can be frustrating and costly. Project leaders depend on suppliers to manufacture and deliver materials that meet time and quality expectations in order to accomplish construction goals both on time and on budget. County Prestress & Precast is responsive in meeting these aggressive time demands and prioritizes delivering high-performance concrete products on time and ready to install.

Ease and Speed of Installation

Precast concrete is favored for its inherent efficiency. Because precast structures arrive on site ready to install, additional time and labor is eliminated. Precast components are manufactured to specifications and expedite construction schedules. County Prestress & Precast’s Precast Elevator and Stair Shafts are not only safer to install than conventional building materials, but also more efficient. Using our precast structures allows a building to be turned over to trades sooner, maximizing the project’s budget and construction schedule.

When the largest multifamily builder in the southeast decided to build a four-story apartment building in St. Augustine, Florida, project leaders specified our elevator shafts for their streamlined installation. County Prestress & Precast carefully coordinated delivery and installation of eight elevator shafts to safely complete the project within nine days, despite weather delays. 

Timely Deliveries

During a construction project, short lead times and timely product deliveries are essential to meeting the scheduled finish date.County Prestress & Precast manufactures, delivers, and installs high-precision precast elevator shaft components with unmatched time and cost savings. Project leaders can rely on our experienced team to accelerate the speed of construction and achieve unmatched results.

Use our Precast Elevator and Stair Shafts for your next project by contacting our Customer Service Team at (352) 275-4605.

Download our Precast Stair Shafts Brochure and Precast Elevator Shafts Brochure.