Insulated Wall Panels Preferred for Cost Savings
May 23, 2023

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Insulated Wall Panels Preferred for Cost Savings

Insulated wall panels are a structural, loadbearing, insulated prestressed building envelope that are predominantly used in large-scale commercial and industrial warehouse applications. Insulated sandwich walls are an efficient, cost-effective material choice for various climates and expansive projects that require speed and ease of installation, lasting performance, and low life cycle cost. 

Low Life Cycle Cost

Developers in Aurora, Illinois, relied on County Prestress & Precast to supply prestressed wall panels for two industrial warehouses. Durable and economical, insulated sandwich walls are manufactured, delivered, and installed efficiently for accelerated project schedules. They are an efficient and economical choice for large-scale projects that demand installation efficiency and design flexibility, and they offer low life cycle cost and reduced maintenance.

Construction Cost Savings

County Prestress & Precast supplied 274 insulated sandwich wall panels to Subaru of Indiana Automotive, to construct a large material storage facility at the company's main manufacturing plant in Lafayette, Indiana. Practical and cost-effective, insulated sandwich walls are a structural, load-bearing building envelope system that's efficient to install. The facility was erected in only 14 days.

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