Insulated Wall Panels Offer Fire Safety Benefits
June 21, 2023

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Insulated Wall Panels Offer Fire Safety Benefits

One of the most critical factors to consider during the planning stage of a new construction project is the building's ability to resist and contain fire.

The level of fire resistance required depends on the intended use and occupancy of the building, as well as its proximity to property lines and established fire zones.

Insulated Wall Panels, which consist of a layer of insulation enclosed between two layers of prestressed concrete, are a fire-resistant solution for building envelopes. Concrete is non-combustible and effective in containing fire. As a separation wall, concrete can prevent fire spread between structures or throughout multi-occupancy buildings. According to the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) E119, which determines the fire endurance of building materials, concrete cover is sufficient for fire ratings up to four hours.

The layer of enclosed insulation in ISWs reduces the costs of heating and cooling buildings throughout their service life. And in the unfortunate event of a fire, this fabrication method eliminates the release of toxic fumes from the insulation as it is completely encased in concrete.

The inherent strength of ISWs also makes them resistant to wind, forklift damage, and blasts. These safety advantages often result in lower insurance rates, and are a key reason why structures made with ISWs are often designated as storm shelters.

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