How Prestressed Insulated Sandwich Walls Enhance Indoor Air Quality
November 3, 2021

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How Prestressed Insulated Sandwich Walls Enhance Indoor Air Quality

County Prestress’ Insulated Sandwich Walls offer a variety of benefits, including air quality enhancement. Indoor air quality is a primary consideration for controlled production environments. Clean air quality is achieved through condensation control and mold prevention. Concrete provides inherent resistance to mold, making it the preferred choice for maintaining sanitary environments. Prestressed wall panels, unlike alternative building envelope materials, can eliminate the need for additional systems to purify air. 

Insulated sandwich walls have durable exterior and interior concrete layers that serve as a primary air barrier and vapor retarder. Insulated sandwich walls are manufactured with a layer of insulation “sandwiched” between two layers of precast, prestressed concrete. The use of closed-cell foam installation in prestressed wall panels ensures the primary vapor retarder cannot reach temperatures at which condensation and mold occur. Panelized insulated sandwich walls reduce the number of joints within a structure, minimizing moisture penetration. The organic raw materials used to manufacture concrete prevent mold growth. Concrete additionally has low volatile organic compounds emittance, which prevents off-gassing and its associated health risks. 

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The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute offers valuable technical resources in their Designer’s Notebook series for designers and engineers. Refer to their publication “High Performance Precast Insulated Sandwich Wall Panels” to learn more.