Construction Professionals Choose Hollowcore for Versatility and Functionality
March 26, 2024

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Construction Professionals Choose Hollowcore for Versatility and Functionality

Hollowcore planks are one of the most popular and efficient flooring and roofing solutions for commercial, multifamily, and municipal structures. County Prestress & Precast’s hollowcore planks are produced to specification, making them adaptable for a variety of applications.

Maximize Usable Space

The high load capacities of prestressed planks increase useable space by requiring fewer load-bearing structures such as columns and inner walls. This results in spacious rooms and greater architectural freedom while decreasing the use of raw materials. Reducing the number of support structures needed makes it possible to build parking garages without disruptive pillars, open-concept apartment units, and warehouses with greater storage capacity.

In addition, prestressed concrete planks can reduce building heights by routing HVAC and wiring through the cores. Ultimately, the use of hollowcore reduces the overall weight of a building, allowing for smaller and more affordable foundations.

Overcome Site Challenges

The precise plank sizing of hollowcore slabs, combined with the skill and experience of the construction teams we work with, overcomes construction site challenges. For example, the Medical Campus Bridge project in Minneapolis, Minnesota, presented a narrow work site. The crew successfully installed a pedestrian bridge between the parking ramp and the hospital building with a glass façade within a five-day timeline.

County Prestress & Precast produces prestressed planks and solid slabs to meet individual project requirements, accommodating unique angles and curves to minimize on-site cutting and construction delays.

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