Community Action Inc. Helps Local Teens with Support from County Prestress
September 23, 2021

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Community Action Inc. Helps Local Teens with Support from County Prestress

Community Action, Inc. is an organization that provides childcare, underserved youth services, emergency food assistance, and affordable housing resources to fight poverty in Rock and Walworth Counties in Southern Wisconsin. County Prestress, through the Sonnentag Foundation, helps Community Action provide access and opportunity through innovative programs that eliminate barriers and establish pathways to self-reliance. 

Community Action’s Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) Summer Camp empowers youth ages 11-19 to make positive choices that will set them up for success. During the program, teens learn about building healthy relationships, reproductive healthcare, financial literacy and increasing self-efficacy and are provided free meals and various field trip opportunities. 

Mike was a PREP program teen that came to the community center several hours early. He kept to himself and didn’t go out of his way to interact with other students. The staff met with Mike and learned he was responsible for taking his little brother to daycare and other adult responsibilities. Mike arrived early to avoid being at home. After continuing conversations with staff members, Mike began to participate in daily activities. He shared his concerns about starting high school. Mike wanted to change his behavior and make himself, his mother, and little brother proud. By the end of the summer, Mike found the support he was looking for, established new friendships, and was excited to start high school. 

Through the Sonnentag Foundation, County Prestress supports dozens of worthy organizations and causes in four services areas, including Hunger and Homelessness Support, Military Personnel and Veteran Support, Sexual Abuse and Domestic Assault Services, and Mentoring and Skills Building.